On our Roadtrip to China in 2009 we had been in Pakistan – and we really fell in love with this beautiful country and its people. We had stayed some days in the Old Hunza Inn in Karimabad and we became friends with the owners family, with the brothers Sada and Leo. We had made some short trekkings in the mountains then, but we promised them and us, we would come back one day.

Leo and Sada had started a tour company that specialized in organising trekkings. After some months of emailing back and forth everything was prepared and we were ready to go. The K2 trek was on our bucket list since the first time in Pakistan and two years later, on 26th June 2011 we jumped on a plane and with Emirates we flew via Dubai to Islamabad.

We arrived well in Islamabad, the douane took us an hour or so. It was really hot in Islamabad. We were tired from the long flight and after Leo had picked us up at the airport, we went straight to his apartment. We had some breakfast and the rest of the day rested on a matrass on the ground, which was also supposed to be our bed. In the evening we took a taxi to some place in the city for having dinner. It started raining heavily, we were wet-soaked and the streets had turned into rivers. But it was still a nice welcome dinner.

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