Bridge Between Two Worlds



Bridge between two worlds

Panama is the last country on our journey through Central America. The thin isthmus of Panama connects the North American with the South American continent. What did we know about Panama? Of course, we knew about the Panama Canal and had heard of the “Panama Papers”. Otherwise, however, for us as for most overlanders it is the country where one of the biggest challenges awaits, namely the onward journey to Colombia. What can be so difficult about that, you might ask?

As already mentioned earlier, the Darien Gap is located between Panama and Colombia. A dense jungle, only drug smugglers and human traffickers dare to cross. For travellers in their own vehicle, the road ends at the harbour of Colon and only begins again in Cartagena. For the four-wheeled companion, the only way to reach Colombia is by ship. In the past, this shipment posed a logistical and bureaucratic challenge. Fortunately, there are now companies that have discovered the gap in the market and have specialised in supporting overlanders with the process.

So it wasn’t just bureaucratic stress that awaited us in Panama. We had firmly resolved to enjoy a bit more of this country first. We had heard that Panama has so much to offer with beautiful scenery and wildlife, but that it is nowhere near as touristy as its neighbour Costa Rica. Three exciting weeks awaited us in the jungle, in the mountains and in the metropolis of Panama City, before we brought our camper into the harbour and took a plane ourselves. 

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