Crossing the Atlantic Ocean



crossing the atlantic ocean

Different scenarios passed by how exactly we would be moving around the American continent. By car undoubtedly…but by following the saying ‘learn from your past’…we decided to buy a camper van at home and ship it to the other side. In the past we already bought some vehicles which turned out not to be our best buys in life.

We assessed the cons and pros of buying a van in Europe and ship it to Canada vs buying a van in Canada or the US. Soon it became clear that we were willing to pay the extra costs for shipping our van across the ocean. Yes, that would be a detriment to our budget, but only then we could have the car we were hoping for, in a condition good enough to enjoy the trip, without having too many concerns about our means of transport.

Follow our van on the Atlantic Sea freigther


We had contacted the German based company Seabridge which is highly recommended on the internet for getting your vehicle to the other side. With the ACL roll-on roll-off freighters it’s just the perfect way and Seabridge is helping in organizing the whole booking process, douane paperwork etc. 
It was then that we realized how great it would be that we could travel the same route as the van. Crossing the ocean by sea…so we booked a cabin on the ship to travel the slow way…

…two years later – in the aftermath of the Corona situation the shipping company unfortunately decided not to take passengers anymore on their cargo ships. That meant that we had to cancel our pre-booked cabin on the ship. Seabridge was very helpful the whole time, keeping us informed regularly about the shipping situation and in the end we’ve received our money back that we had paid in 2020. Now we have to take a plane to get across the ocean to reach Canada and hopefully pick up our van at the harbour of Halifax. 

We’ve decided to book a place for our van in the first week of May. Usually the ship leaves Antwerpen every Thursday and via Liverpool sails to Halifax in 11 days. Planned departure was 5th of May. We would have to bring the van to the harbour 3 working days before the departure. Due to bad weather, lack of personal at the ports and Corona there are quite some delays at the moment and it seems that the departure of the “Atlantic Star” will be no earlier than 13th May….we’ll need to wait and see!

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