Why the hassle?



Why the hassle?

Planning a trip like this is hard to predict. Obviously which roads you take in the end depent on many factors. So many things, positive and negative, will happen on the way and during the trip we will hopefully get new ideas what to do and visit and what to leave out of our itinerary.

One good thing about having plenty of time is so called ‘spontaneous’ and being able to leave all options open. Shall we take a right here? Or are we going left? Discover and having fun is the most important.
Below a map is shown where you roughly can see what we are up to the next 18 months or so. Just to give an idea…

One route which we cannot change and will happen is our journey on the Atlantic Sea freighter. We will embark this ship in Antwerp sailing for 11 days crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Halifax where we will start driving to Ushuaia down in Argentina.


Follow us on the Atlantic Sea freighter

Our roughly initial planned route

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