Where the road takes us



where the road takes us

A trip like this is hard to predict. Of course, which path we ultimately take depends on many factors. So many positive and negative things will happen along the way, and hopefully during the trip we will get new ideas about what to do, where to go, and what to cut from our itinerary.

The good thing about having plenty of time is the so-called ‘spontanity’ and the possibility to keep all options open. Shall we take a right here? Or are we going left? To discover and having fun is the most important thing.
Below you can find a map where we sketch the route we eventually took and the actual place where we are at that moment.

The first part of the trip was fixed and couldn’t be changed. That was be the journey of our camper van on the “Atlantic Sea” freighter and ours by KLM. The van embarked this ship in Antwerp in May 2022 and sailed for 11 days, crossing the Atlantic Ocean to Halifax where we picked it up and started our trip to Ushuaia – at the very bottom of Argentina.

First we drove across Canada from East to West until we arrived in the far North in Tuktoyaktuk at the Arctic Ocean. With that we had also reached our most northern destination of this trip. We then continued further to Alaska and back to Canada to cross the border to the Lower 48 of the USA. It took us 7 months until we reached the Mexican border shortly before Christmas 2022.

Another 8 months went by during which we crossed through Central America from Mexico until Panama with a side-trip to Cuba and a short “holiday” at home in Europe. 

In August 2023 we put our van on a ship again that sailed from Panama City to Cartagena in Columbia. The simple reason for this is, that there is no road between Central America and South America. The Darien Gap is a jungle which can only be crossed on foot. We had to take another flight and after 2 weeks we had our car back. We did hit the road again and started to conquer South America. 

The roads that we took so far: