Ready, get set...did we think about everything? Go!



Ready, get set...did we think about everything? Go!

Making a journey like this is not just grabbing your tooth brush and start your engine. In our minds we basically were preparing all this for about 3 years already. What? How? Who?…too many questions.

First we counted down in years, then in months…and at the time everything became tangible we started to prepare.
The preparations can be summarized  in 3 parts:

– House
– Car
– Shipping

On this part of the website we will take you with us on the journey of our preparations, from the kick-off one year ago until the Atlantic Sea Cargo Ferry raises its anchor.


The Vehicle



And after planning, shifting, buying and building…corona kicks in. Will that really be a show stopper?

In March 2020, the United States decides to close the US borders to non-US citizens. Soon after, virtually all European countries and many others around the world succumb to societal pressure and close their borders. The world is in panic!

Since we both think that all these measures are a bit too much and could be more moderate…. we still have to deal with it, of course.
Will someone else make a decision for us?
In the meantime, we are thinking about a plan B, but just the thought of it hurts a lot as the countdown goes on and on.
Postponing this trip does not mean that we will leave just one or two months later. The different seasons simply make this difficult. Alaska is at the top of our wish list and is definitely a must-see. Visiting Alaska in winter is just not the same. Postponing would mean we would have to wait at least another half a year….

At the end of March 2020 we received an email from Seabridge, the company that takes care of the crossing to Halifax. They wrote to tell us that the freight ferries will be on hold until at least the end of April…. Still enough time for us to make a wise decision whether to go or not. Until then, we just wait and see…

And we waited… The world basically stood still for about two years. I don’t want to say too many words about it. We all know the story.

It is April 2022 and we are ready to go. We have quit our jobs, rented out our flat and the car is booked on a ship to Halifax. Unfortunately only the car… because the original plan was to cross the Atlantic on the same ship as the car, but due to Corona regulations, the cargo company Grimaldi ACL has decided not to take passengers across the ocean on their ship.

The countdownis ticking. As things stand, the car will make its journey from Antwerp on 19 May. We will take to the skies on 21 May for a one-way trip to Halifax.

Eddy and Romy van Es © 2020, All Rights Reserved.

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